Phantom Pyramid

by Plurabelle

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Phantom Pyramid is an LP coming right out from the limbo. A slippy, blurrily-outlined protean monster, a rabid, sexless animal that delivers a mesmerizing and sulphur-flavored message, torn between psychotic tendencies and uncertain romances. Far from the bittersweet psalms of musical evangelism, the opus offers an interlacing of melodic swellings, sometimes frightening and confusing, however dangerously bewitching. Beginning with the B-side, the hellish invocation throws us out, anaesthetized yet exalted, into the undefined twists, complex convolutions and dizzy depths of a tortured mind. A comfortable fall into the unpredictable.

Plurabelle is a 2013 Romanian duo composed of Alex Bălă and Cristian Fierbințeanu. The second adds his haunting voice and incantatory lyrics to the unease and emotional chaos of the first, within a raw, primal vision of human relationships, doubt, sexlessness and fractured identity. Complementing each other in their twisted musical trance, both switch with style and ease between fickle lyrics and hissing, mysterious melodies.

Plurabelle's specific approach defines the project as a voluble outsider, rooted to its values and letting its stems grow apart from the standards of synthwave, with lucid determination. That's why this LP, produced by French label Stellar Kinematics, has seen two of its songs, Lindo and Blood, premiered on both Vice/Noisey and Hartzine :

'Our Fires' music video directed by Mattis Dovier :


released June 16, 2014

Plurabelle - Phantom Pyramid

All songs written, performed, produced, and recorded by Alex Bălă and Cristian Fierbinţeanu

All songs mixed and mastered by Anywave

Cover artwork by Camille Legrand

Produced Stellar Kinematics


all rights reserved



Plurabelle Bucharest, Romania

Plurabelle is a Romanian electronic music group consisting of Gabriela Fierbințeanu, Cristian Fierbințeanu and Alex Bălă. They released their debut album, ‘Phantom Pyramid’, on French label Stellar Kinematics.

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Track Name: Phantom Pyramid
Come hold me now, come hold me now,
come hold me now, I'm not against you
I'm not against you

all I have to say to you is that I really like it
I really really like it
I really really like it

Again and again and again
Track Name: Blood
Silent waters pass through me, enter multi-virgin maids
Aspic monsters, frozen seas, do act wild, it penetrates

Silky shadows burning holes, icy woman bleeding high
Female fingers undercover, grooving member on the line

Atmosphere, you fear no fear, useless atoms, grass of Heaven
Guilty join the massive change, psychedelic bleeding weapon

I was having a white dream where I found you

And then you came along to me

I'm tired of being alone
Track Name: Always In Drag
Happiness is just around the corner
who dares disobey my trust?

I want to wrap my arms around somebody
I want to wrap my arms around someone

It's so easy to cash in when your business is good,
Daddy hopes you're exceedingly free
Gotta get smart, gotta get involved,
gotta get bigger,
This time you're in need for a license like me

I can't explain!

You've been purged on a scene, like a ban on a flag
It's been days since you decently ate
All the boys in the band and the voice of the crowd
tell you Humphrey, get back in the street
Get back on your feet!

And manic society poems carved on a wall,
in a sequel I lived since the day or the night I've been born!
Track Name: Bone Age
How I admire the fact that you admire the hugeness of my gong

On the edge of the scene lies The Holy Machine and the infinite dream
the hyperhidro scream

The echoes, obscene, the past crawlin in
Fly the flying machine, ride the tide and the wind

The vaccine, Christine, if you know what I mean!

I hold my emptiness outside
There was a time when I could hide!
Josephine, syrup, sugar and cream

and in between, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in!

I said, you said no one cares
No one ever understands that the thing I want to say
Is that no one ever gets what I'm saying
So I hide myself so high, hope one day I'm gonna fly!

Won't you please let me hurt you?!
Track Name: plurabelle, lindo, - Lindo
Hurricane after hurricane
I hear your soft voice calling me back home everyday
Hurricane after hurricane
I hear your soft voice calling me back home now and then
Hurricane after hurricane
Track Name: Scoundrel
These are the songs of hatred, performed using chords of delusion
these are the words without meaning, throwing you back in confusion
these are the lines I have written for you, over and over again
over and over again, over and over again

Love can save the world!
Track Name: Odilo
Heaven plastic porno holes, decadence rusting my soul
Scary shadows, crimson fall
tell me what I'm looking for with you
I adore you!

Heaven crowd howling the idol, libido for suicidal
Misty faces, omen doll
tell me what I'm looking for with you
I adore you!

Heaven guides my self disguise, teasing me to close your eyes
Mastering my lies,
I must have lost you long before
So tell me what I'm looking for with you
I adore you!

I have been blind but now I can see:
it''s been there, all this time, just for me!
Track Name: Our Fires
I wanna make you mine, girl
I wanna make you mine
I hear your music calling out my name
Until I make you mine, girl
Until I make you mine
You hear my music calling out your name

Blinded by paintings and love songs
Blowing Sumerian controls
Wild paperboy proudness dirty

Hyperhidro magazines, teardrops sucking sex machines
Sledge the strength for power taste!

Eagle shifting drifter's night, madmen hiding out of sight
am I still the only one around that fits your size?

You are my bovine divine!
Track Name: Teide
I am two women
I want to experience pain
and then I want to fall in love!

I hear the jagged sounds to press the jar of sperm
The lowest inspiration from a pervert to confirm
My love will never drink me, intelligence and seeds
No gutsy refugee, my orgasm angel, woman deeds,
Begging pleeeeease!

You can't quite progress in a sense of excess
Still you've got what it takes to succeed
And the rest of the world is a beautiful place
Life is funny, just give me three beeps

Beep, beep, beep!

One day I'll send this song to you, to broadcast it or to improve it
Just in order to become a major hit
To top the bill, blow the charts off, raise my rent
While kids might buy our pseudo album
And the billboard, and the covers of the magazine
will post a random image of a bold cat playing digits instead of strings!

What a scene at the mall! They made it all clear!
They've been barking together! Anyway you want it!
They made it all clear!
Now they're barking alone! Any way you see it!
Tasting Grantchester Meadows
they made it all clear!
It's injustice for all!
Anyway you buy it!

Show me the way in which you everyday
You power my engine, you produce my artwork,
you use all my make-up
You direct my shows
You dial all my numbers
You mess with my world,
I long for the day,
(my wife)
when you and I together
(You have all the answers,
you put all the questions, you use all my make-up)
I long for the day when you and I together
we were fighting hard (together) to get it right!

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